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We deliver cost effective service and support

We deliver cost effective service and support

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Website Design

Starting from scratch? We take care of everything. You don't need to know any geeky techno-jargon. You don't worry about things like hosting, getting a domain name, or graphic formats. We'll take your information in whatever form is easiest for you. If you have definite ideas, we'll make them a reality. If your vision is less defined, we will do our best to create something you'll love. Your site will come in on time and on budget, and it's guaranteed to look gorgeous.

Site Makeovers

We really enjoy giving a new, fresher look to existing sites. Good design never goes out of style, and the change can be quite dramatic. See some examples in our portfolio. If you want your website to match the look of your existing print publications, that's one of our specialties.

Web Mastering

Once you have a site, you need to keep it current. We offer ongoing web mastering services to all of our clients. If we maintain a site we created, the updating process is very cost-efficient. We can provide web mastering services to any organization that would like assistance. Don't worry - your website is in good hands.


Selling stuff online isn't always such a straightforward task - it requires a thorough assessment of your business processes and needs, as well as a crafted application of technologies that will make the resulting solution efficient, cost-effective, and seamlessly user-friendly. We carefully scopes out each project to determine the nuances of each site's architecture, its database structure, its back-end administration capabilities, as well as usability.

Software Developent

We provide a competitive price Web Hosting Service for all our customers.

Space 50 Mb 200 Mb 500 Mb
Transfer 5 GIG/month 20 GIG/month 50 GIG/month
Cost ($AU) $100/year $150/year $300/year

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